Strauss' Challenge on Reuse solutions for Mixed Plastics & Flexible Packaging

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Strauss is looking for solution for recycling or reusing mixed plastics and flexible packaging with a high barrier.


Mixed plastics for flexible packaging contain different compositions and multiple layers and cannot be separated or recycled efficiently. The packaging must include a barrier to keep the product safe from oxidation and humidity and needs to be appealing on shelves in order to comply with visual, chemical and mechanical requirements. Manufacturers currently give solutions (mono-material), but Strauss is looking for other/better alternatives. Solutions can either be in alternative material/packaging or recycling/separation methods/capacitys.

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About Strauss

Strauss Group is an international food and beverage company, which aims to improve the lives of people with fresh, tasty, nutritious and innovative products. The Group’s home base is in Israel. Its companies manufacture at 29 sites around the world, and market and sell products in 22 countries. At Strauss, we ascribe great importance to our strategic partnerships, out of the belief that they create opportunities to expand our supply for the benefit of consumers around the world. We have partnerships with leading and highly-regarded multinational companies – including Danone, PepsiCo, Virgin and Haier, as well as leading local entities such as Sao Miguel in Brazil, and Yotvata and Yad Mordechai in Israel.

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At the end of 2019, we embarked on the process of developing a new sustainability strategy for the Strauss Group, which takes into consideration global and local agenda, global megatrends, leading initiatives and, opportunities to improve our impact on significant issues, among other issues. For the Strauss Group sustainability is a key pillar in our activities and is an integral part of the strategy. Accordingly, we have drafted a long-term strategy. The strategy sets ambitious goals so that we can create a positive impact. As part of the new strategy, areas were defined in which we will continue to expand our achievements, alongside areas in which a significant leap is required. KPIs were set to examine our performance and progress per the objectives. This process was built with the group’s management and is in the final steps of approval.

You can find more information about our activity and sustainability strategy on our sustainability website :

To learn about Strauss group activity during 2020 you can also watch this short video:

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