Stratasys’ challenge on recycling cured thermoset printed models

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Find a solution for recycling or reusing printed thermoset models used as prototypes or as test parts.


One of our printing technologies is PolyJet, a technology in which we print by jetting layers of curable liquid photopolymer onto a build tray. The resulted printed model is made of rigid thermoset polymer.

Many of the models printed by our customers are for prototyping or are being used for testing and are not used as a final product. As such, at the end of their (relatively short) life, these models become waste.

We are looking for recycling or reusing solutions for this cured thermoset material, either through creating a next lifecycle or reusing the model for new applications.

On our website you can find information about the printed material's behavior and its properties.

Additional information

As long as the temperature stays below 40 degrees, the material behaves as defined in its data sheet. At high temperatures, it loses its properties.

More information on our PolyJet materials, like SDS and datasheets, can be found on the Stratasys website. It will be possible to receive samples of the cured materials.

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