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Intel’s Challenge on Expired Material

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Intel is looking for an alternative use for expired materials that have not been used during production.


Currently, expired materials that have not been used during production end up as waste. These are high grade raw materials that can be used in different industries. Materials are changes frequently depending on changes in production process (approximately every two years). Quantities are hard to predict. It come's in different packages (bottles, barrels, bulk- IBC's) not always suitable for direct reuse (requires re-packaging/transferring to bulk).

We are interested in end-of-life solutions for this currently unused potential, that would not expose the IP of Intel or its suppliers (i.e cannot be reverse engineered) through for example depolymerization, mechanic deconstruction, et cetera without diminished the reuse/recycling potential.

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About Intel

Intel is a technology company that develops, and manufacture products based on semiconductors for computing, data, servers and IoT. Intel sites are spread worldwide in America, Europe, and Asia. Intel Israel Includes manufacturing site based at Qiryat Gat and R&D centers based in Petach Tikva, Haifa and Jerusalem.

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