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Dow's Challenge on Pyrolysis Circular Feedstock

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Dow is looking for solutions to turn mixed plastic waste back into reusable circular feedstock.


To deliver on our promise to develop a truly circular experience to Dow’s customers, Dow believes in radically investing in new technologies, infrastructure and partnerships. An important challenge for circularity, especially for mixed waste plastics, is the ability to turn mixed plastic waste back into reusable circular feedstock for producing truly circular polymers or other circular chemicals. The objective of this challenge therefore is to develop an energy efficient (catalytic) pyrolysis technology that can take waste plastics and turn it into a good quality liquid pyrolysis oil that can be used to replace fossil feedstocks for making new plastics or other circular chemicals. Dow is willing to facilitate proof of concepts for interested teams and to provide additional guidance to challenge finalists showing significant progress. In case of sufficient quantity and quality of the pyrolysis circular feedstock produced, Dow may elect to test the product and share the results with the producing team. For this the pyrolysis circular feedstock will need to be liquid, without wax and preferably without other contaminants.

Dow wishes the contestants the best of luck with their challenge

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