Doral Energy's challenge on Solar Panel Recycling and Refurbishing

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Doral Energy is looking for innovative ideas and technologies to recycle solar panels at the end of its life cycle.


Due to the growing global adoption of renewable energy sources, photovoltaic (PV) solar panels consumption is on arise. It is expected to reach 60 million tons of PV waste by 2050, with an expected value of $15bn of recycled materials. Common solar panels are either Silicon based or Thin-film based and they are consist of materials such as glass, plastic, aluminum, silicon and other metals. Since 96% of the materials can be reused for producing new solar panels or any other Innovative products, we would love to explore new concepts and technologies that will tackle the potentially growing waste of solar panels. Doral energy Is a large-scale procurer of solar panels for projects we operate globally. Doral Energy recognizes this as an Imminent problem and are Interested In Investing / JV with Innovators that can address this need.

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About Doral Energy

Doral Energy-Tech Ventures Is the technology, innovation and investment arm of the Doral Renewable Energy Resources Group (DORL; TLV), a renewable energy and environmental infrastructure developer.

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