What is the Circular Innovation Platform?

The Circular Innovation Platform is the community for future shapers of the world using circular innovation. The platform is the space to tackle the most urgent circular challenges of leading companies and gives you the opportunity to engage with fellow innovators and learn more about circular economy and circular innovation.

What is the goal of the Circular Innovation Platform?

We believe that collaboration is needed to collectively push the boundaries of what is possible. The Circular Innovation Platform is created to tackle the most urgent circular challenges of leading companies and to take action for a more sustainable future together.

Who is behind the Circular Innovation Platform?

The Circular Innovation Platform was launched on May 2nd, 2021 as part of the AMCHAM (Israel-America Chamber of Commerce) Circular Economy Forum, led by AMCHAM Israel , Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, Dow Chemicals and Circular Economy IL, and supported by HP Indigo, P&G, Intel, Clariter, United Motors Ltd, Unilever, Netafim, Strauss, Teva, Philip Morris International, Israel Aerospace Industries, ICL Group, Stratasys, and Flanders Investment & Trade to stimulate the transition to a circular economy in Israel.

Who can submit a solution?

The competition is open to anyone of any nationality above the age of eighteen - scientists, entrepreneurs, students, intrapreneurs, and other people with ideas. In short, we invite all types of innovators to submit a solution to the circularity challenges of the participating companies.

Which information is required in my submission?

You can register for a challenge at: https://www.circularsolutions.co.il/registrationform. There, you can also find the format required for submission. Solutions can be submitted between June 15 and October 31.

How can I submit a solution?

You can submit a solution after June 15th. If any problems occur during the submission of your solution, please contact AMCHAM Israel Circular Economy Forum via the chat function on the website.

The deadline for submission is October 31st, 2021, 23:59 Israel time (GMT +3).

Please consider the Terms & Conditions before you apply:https://www.circularsolutions.co.il/termsconditions.

Is there a submission fee?

No, there is no submission fee.

What happens after my solution is submitted?

After your solution is submitted, it will be evaluated by a group of selected jury members. The potential winners will be contacted within two weeks after the deadline via email.

Can my solution be submitted in another language than English?

Unfortunately, not. Since we are working with multinationals and international teams, all solutions must be submitted in English.

Can I submit more than one solution?

You are welcome to submit several solutions. However, each solution must be submitted separately through a submission form.

If I have questions on one of the challenges, where can I ask them?

Below each challenge, you can find a comment section where you can ask questions. AMCHAM Circular Economy Forum’s team is monitoring the discussion under each challenge. Is your question more specific? Or would you like to ask your question in private? Please contact AMCHAM Circular Economy Forum via the chat function.

What happens to my intellectual property rights after submission?

All rights of your solution will remain yours. There is no transfer of intellectual property rights to the AMCHAM Circular Economy Forum or any of its partners. Our application form allows you to submit non-confidential information. The Terms & Conditions explain this in detail, but to keep it simple: please do not include critical unprotected details in your submission. The content that you are submitting, should be information you are comfortable sharing with the Circular Innovation Forum and its partners. When submitting an entry you should consider that any information included in the submission may be viewed and used by the AMCHAM Circular Economy forum, its members or affiliated companies, challenge owners, or jury for evaluation and for purpose of promoting the competition and the participants.

Should any of the companies be interested in pursuing communication with you regarding your submission after the competition is over, it is up to the company and you to reach an agreement.

I have submitted my solution, what is next?

The deadline for submission is October 31st, 2021 23:59 Israel time (GMT +3). Only after this date, the submissions will be evaluated. In the period before this deadline, you can participate in events organized by the forum, follow the conversation on the challenge page and of course - build your team and develop your winning solution.

How is my solution reviewed and how are the winners selected?

The solutions are evaluated on the following main topics:

  • potential to solve the sustainability aspect of the challenge
  • Economic Feasibility
  • Implementation Potential
  • Team Strength

If my solution is selected, what do I win?

From the eligible Entries, ten finalists will be selected, and will be assessed by the jury and the challenge owners. The top 3 will be declared Winners (1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place) by November 30th. The first winner will win 10.000 NIS, the second will win 5.000 NIS, and the third will 1.000 NIS.The first two winners win free participation for up to 2 team members in Afeka’s accelerator program. In addition, a winner will be declared for each challenge by the challenge owner and win a honorary mention

What happens when my solution does not get selected?

Should any of the companies be interested in pursuing communication with you regarding your submission, after the competition is over, you will be contacted by the designated contact person of each challenge.